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Hors d'oeuvres: Steamed radish with potato
Matsubu shellfish mixed with sesame
Sweet soy sauce-braised Wakasagi fish and rainbow salmon Japanese-style marinade
Salmon, prawn, and scallop sashimi, squid and seaweed roll, and seaweed salad
Japanese wafu salad & wafu dressing
Steamed egg bowl
Fisherman's-style steamed fish with miso sauce
Seasonal tempura assortment
"Hokkaido Milk Pot"
Japanese pickles

IOnce every 3 days, we serve a Japanese-style breakfast and dinner to our guests so they can enjoy some variety.
mountain wild vegitable Tenpura
grilled notural river fish
In spring and summer, we pick fresh farm vegetables and also use freshly-picked wild ones from the mountains. Japanese-style dishes are the best way to enjoy the complex and subtle flavours of seasonal natural food.
These dishes are especially popular with our older customers.
Recently the concept of slow-food is becoming popular among urban-dwellers. To them, we serve our native local cuisine.

Japanese-style ceramic pot-cooking and board-roasting, and shabu-shabu are integrated into our cuisine. Relaxing, homestyle cooking will have you feeling at home.
Food appreciators will be glad with our dedication to freshness - seasonal mountain vegetables, fresh seafood from the nearby Japan Sea, and morning pickup of highland vegetables.
In the summer we head out to the farmers market every morning to gather fresh ingredients for our guests.
The Hokkaido Milk Pot' is a Milky House original dish that has become a real favourite over the years. It's made with plenty of fresh milk and cheese and enjoys great popularity among our foreign guests

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Milky House is using the best materials possible and taking our time in preparation. Our passion comes directly from the owner and chef.
The notion of cost is entirely disregarded by our staff.
If it's your first time to stay at Milky House you won't believe the amazing amount of food that we serve you.
If you let us know in advance we can vary quantity according to your wishes.
When serving a full course meal the last dish is the meat dish. Among our repeat guests
they call this the "final blow." It will leave a big impression on you in your memories of Milky House.                                                New Year celebrational set menu"Oseti-ryouri"
We usualy provide for breakfast on New Year periord.
Would you enjoy the Japanese
traditional cuisine.
 l used to go mountain climbing back in my school days. Curry and stew were easy dishes I used to enjoy.
I was a big eater when I was younger and used to be disappointed with the small quantity of food I would be served when dining out.
In the past 25 years of running this pension my mistakes have been my best teachers.
Nowadays, we have many local regular visitors to our restaurant.
Japanese style BREAKFAST
According to a season, meal material changes entirely.
An early morning dairy farm tour
There is no comparison between delicious fresh milk at breakfast and what you usually get in a carton.
Fresh and smooth.
Refreshing! Drink as much as you'd like.

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