Woul d you talk about our cooking,We will inform you the our recipe

Here's a sample of
Country Inn Milky House dinner menu
An Eveningfs Menu
Pumpkin potage
Assortment of hors dfoeuvres
Marinated highland vegetables
Smoked salmon and canapes
Seasonal highland vegetable salad
eIwanaif fresh seafood bouillabaisse
Niseko rice or bread
Pork apple pot
Homemade sherbet

As long as there is someone who wants to eat,
the menu changes every day.
Our menu repertoire is about one month in duration.
If you have a longer stay
you have the chance to enjoy different breakfasts
and dinners every day.Foreign guests
usually stay for 1 or 2 weeks.
We give a lot of thought towards the idea
that we are introducing our guests
to Japanese culture and food.
Therefore, we don't spare any costs
and don't think about it
as a matter of business
but an opportunity for cultural exchange

rich scent of a herb
Switzerland style
cheese fondu dinner

The herb are picking from kitchen herb garden in our yard
delicious stask thick cutting Hokkaido local beef
Nepal cooking momo Asian style Ethnic food


Our open sandwich breakfast is a real favourite among our guests.
You can make your own delicious custom sandwiches exactly the way you want.

nice balance of seasoonal frout andslada, nice maching egg and meat

Bagel and Clubhouse Sand

frute and vegetable sand
It spends time and effort.

Would you enjoy our hand made bread.
At breakfast time,
you will definitely enjoy the fresh daily farm milk.
Help yourself to as many glasses as you'd like.
infant and child set dinner
Cakes and desserts are the owner's wife's specialty.
Every morning with breakfast
you can enjoy our homemade jam.
If you'd like some as a souvenir we have it in our souvenir shop.

to the Japanese style dinner and breakfast