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additonal notes

*niseko outdoor center
* niseko trail
*image works
around the Annupri ski ground AM 9:30~ PM3:30 fee:9,450 yen
per person
not including lift fee
including relemark
set rental charge.
  over 13 years old is required
OurLesson time is each 2 hour in the morning and afternoon, You cam use the telemark ski set untill 17:00.

backcountry guide
*niseko ski service
*niseko adventure center
near the
annupuri ski ground
AM 10:00~12:00
 / PM 1:30~3:30
half day
12,000 yen
1 day
special deep powder experience
one guide lead maxmum 5 person

winter river Cruise
*hokkaido LION Adventure
Shiribetu River AM 10:00~12:00
 / PM 1:30~3:30
4,200 yen per person
1,050 yen per a dog

minimum perform
from 4 person
See the winter colours, snow & ice formations along the river banks, while quietly making your way down river. Unlike summer, one has the time to take in the sites, pull up alongside the riverbank get out, explore,
snow shoe
nature tour
downhill tour
*niseko outdoor center
*hokkaido lion adventure
*niseko ski servic

*around the Annupri ski ground

AM 10:00~12:00
 / PM 1:30~3:30

over 13 years old is required
3,675 yen per person
We exsproreto the closed winter forest. Would you feel the silent nature world.
We serch the animal trecks and wild bird
. Our guide show you the wisdom of the forest.

K2 Stable
15 minute driving by the car from Milky House
maximum capacity 5 persons 1) 9:00-10:00 
2) 10:15-11:15
3) 11:30-12:30
4) 13:00-14:00
5) 14:15-15:15
6) 15:30-16:30
Basic course  
5,000yen /1hou

Suitable for people over 12 years old.
Basic lesson in Arena followed by a short scenic horse trek.
cross country ski  *niseko outdoor center around the Annupri ski ground AM 10:00~12:00
 / PM 1:30~3:30
over 13 years old is required
We sreve the hot drink.
snow house
build an IGLOO
niseko outdoor center around the Annupri ski ground AM 10:00~12:00
2 person 3,675 yen/ person 
3 person 2,450 yen/ person 
over the 4 person 2,100yen/ person 
The "IGLOO" is the traditional snow or ice block house in American Eskimo.
You are builder,Let' build your snow house.
over 12 years old is required
back mountain tour guidetaking movie image works
around the Annupri ski ground AM 8:30~
about 2-3 hour

including film charge
1person 18,000yen
2person 24,000yen
3person 30,000yen
4person 36,000yen
5person 40,000yen
back mountain and deep snow guide
making a original DVD

*Niseko Snowmobile Adventures
*snowmobile park
white aile

near the Kuccyan Pass
30 minute from
Milky House
picking up available

Total duration of the trip and activity is between 1 hour 30 minutes and 3 Hours
experience corse 2,625yen
long tour corse
6,500 yen

half day 8,000yen
Their park is located in deep forest separated Niseko mountains. these huge landscape provide much view and movment.
Indoor Activitie
There is an artificial climbing wall of 11m tall with an area of 200
sq.m inside the Center. 15-minute drive
from Milky House
10:00 to 21:00 2100yen Children and adults can enjoy the fun and joy of rock climbing. Rock climbing course for one group with two people or only one person is also possible.
indoor swiming pool / hot spring &
1Hotel Niseko Alpen
2 Tomarin-kan
1, niseko hirafu
2, Tomari village
40-minute drive from Milky House
1 12:00-21:30
2 10:00-21:00
1 adult 600yen、child 400yen
2 free
swiming wear
800-1000 yen
Fitness Club and
hot spring
hotel Kanro no Mori Kanro no Mori
5 minute driving by the car from Milky Hous
from 10:00
to 21:00
4,500yen The Fitness club is an especially welcome addition for all of the skiers who want to keep up their fitness levels whilst enjoying the amazing powder snow that the area has to offer
body treatment
*Niseko foot(Alpen Hotel)
Wakka Spa
(Hilton hotel)
5 -10minute driving by the car from Milky House 11:00-20:00 refreshm 30 minute

aloma bod 30 minute4200yen
in advance required the reservation
Matural History Museum
Kuccyan village
Kuccyan Hudo-Kan
40-minute drive from Milky House
from9:00 to 16:30 adult 200 yen
over 10 person 100yen
introducing the history, culture, nature around Niseko Area. On the 40-mat-wide giant aerial photo, you can get a feel for a walk in the air with your shoes on.
JAM MAKING Milky House Milky House from10:00 to 90 minutes (other arrangement
is possible on request)
¥1500 per person
We will instruct you on how to make fresh jam with the seasons fruit. When the Jam is ready, we will package it for you to take home. minimum perform
from 4 person 
ICE CREAM MAKING Milky House Milky House from10:00 to 60 minutes (other arrangement is possible ¥1000 per person Our friendly instructors will teach you on how to make original ice cream using fresh creamy milk.
minimum perform
from 4 person

Seson Club seson club
5 minute driving by the car from Milky House
2 hour 3,150yen Silver accessories are made from a special metal clay (very soft silver that can be moulded to your preference). An instructor teach moulding techniques After you finished they bake and cool down,Let's polish youraccessory!、
glass handcraft
desing factory
 OPEN 9:00~19:00 
5 minute driving by the car from Milky House
1-2 hour accessary 1,800 yen photo-stand (10cm square) from 2,000yen
decorated stand
10.5cm square) 2,200yen
smal plate
(10.5cm) 2,200yen 
Your designed cutting plate glass are baked in the kiln. This production technique is called "glass fusing" Here is an atelier where accessories and glass plate are displayed,  There are a lot of works created by the glass designer
Seson Club
5 minute driving by the car from Milky House
AM 10:00~12:00
 / PM 2:00~4:00
2,100 yen Make your own hemp accessories by weaving strings of hemp together creating different patterns and designs. An instructor will teach you the techniques for your preferred style of weave following the traditional Aegean Fashion. Also, you can choose from our wide variety of beads to decorate your hemp accessory.
POTTERY LESSON Niseko pottery
Hirafu area
10 minute driving by the car from Milky House
2 hour/ 3,000yen You can make a pair of coffee cup. Your designed pottery are dry in natural condition after 2 or 3 month. Afrer baking the complete ceramic will deliver to your house.

gras gallary

Niseko village area

5 minute driving
by the car from
Milky House
2 hour beer glass 2,500 yen
straight glass 3000 yen
tumbler glass 3,500yen
Choose a pattern from our wide variety of designs and carve it into a small glass dish. An instructor will show you the best carving techniques to make your design as beautiful as possible.


Niseko village area
4 minute driving
by the car
from Milky House

10-40 minute small mascot 840yen
mobile strap 1,575yen
dog collar
2,575 yen
The work will be finished in 10-30 minutes. Their small factory prepare the coffee shop,would you visit this factory on the way of the stroll. There are many kind of commodity leathercraft. for sall。
ニセコ・アウトドア・センター 0136-44-2255 工 房 『童』 0136-58-2063
スコットアドベンチャー・スポーツ 0136-21-3333 ニセコ陶芸倶楽部 0136-23-4884
セ ゾ ン ク ラ ブ 0136-44-3380 ペンション高気圧 0136-23-3955
ニセコ・アべンチャー・センター 0136-23-2093 自然工房「ウルリー」 0136-58-2957
ニセコスキーサービス 0136-58-3568 ガラスギャラリー童  夢 0136-43-2552
ノアスク 0136-23-1688 北海道スピードパーク 0136-23-3880
パウダーカンパニー 0136-54-2820 硝子工房 煌 0136-59-2115
FunFun 050-7551-2688 nisek トレイル 0136-22-4055