The longer you stay the more fun you'll have!
Only with a longer stay will you get to know
the simplicity of country life

We start at 6:30am from Milky House by our bus. Then we head to the farm to get our milk. At breakfast you have the chance to enjoy the fresh milk from our tour.
It's a short, one hour morning tour that runs every day from late April until early November. Seasonally,

  • A beautiful area full of spring wildflowers
    A vast town-run farm
    A field of sunflowers in full-bloom

  • A refreshing field of lavender

  • A horse-riding garden with charming horses and sheep

Get acquainted with the enchanted atmosphere of a Niseko morning.

Early Morning Dairy Farm Tour
Dairy farm tours run year-round and are always free of charge.
Driving along pastoral views,
we guide you through the enjoyment of rural Niseko.
Daily Farm Tour Album


Tethered hot air balloon rides can be
arranged from 7:00am until 5:00pm
and take place near Niseko Annupuri ski resort,
a 3 minute walk from Milky House.
Hot air balloon rides depend on weather conditions of the day.
If you mention you are staying at
Milky House you can receive a 10%
discount off the 2000 yen price.
Jam, ice cream-making classroom

Strawberry jam, plum jam, apple jam, grape jam, hascup jam, pear jam, carrot jam, pumpkin jam, marmalade
Try our pension's jam and ice cream-making classes and enjoy the delicious fruits of your lesson!
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Tennis court
All-weather hard court
There are three courts.
Use of the courts is free of charge for staying guests.
Lots of great activities to experience!
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summer experiences and activities that we offer.

  Relax on our big veranda in summer
You can look forward to garden parties and barbecues too.

Get to know our friendly and open staff.
Create warm travel memories for yourself.
There are 15 hotspring baths with open-air tubs which the owner has carefully selected.
Every evening our hot spring tours will pick you up and drop you off.
Our bus makes rounds of the hot springs beginning at 7:30pm.
Every evening, you are free to choose a different hot spring.
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slow food
1) Uses only local, native ingredients
(2) Delicious to and enjoyed by its local people
3) Produced and cooked in the native custom of the land
4) The obtaining of the ingredients and the making of the food contributes to the overall health of the land, society, and its people.
The owner and chef visits the farmers market every morning. He selects and employs the best and freshest ingredients in creating Milky House's slow food menu.

A group of pensions including Milky House has been operating outdoor, nature-observing tours. The next one will be our 39th
A tour of Niseko's highlands gives you the opportunity to see wildflowers, wild birds, and other creatures.
We invite along a famous nature guide to give you a more detailed explanation of the wilderness you'll experience.

Milky House has an Internet corner in front of the fireplace
You can access your email and browse the Internet for free
We also have a broadband wireless LAN for use with notebook computers
It is always connected and can be used free of charge
The owner is proud of his Alpenhorn
Near our morning dairy farm tour
there's a concert hall in the mountains
Over a cheese fondue dinner at night on the veranda
You can listen to a mini-concert

In the background of the photo
you can see the Sea of Japan.
This road raises to a height 830m above sea level
To Niseko town its only 80m and all downhill

By our bus it's only 30 minutes from Milky House to Shinsen-numa, our starting point.
From Shinsen-numa you ascend only about fifteen minutes and from there you descend along 20km of the Niseko panorama line!
If you still want more, you can try cycling and orienteering along the Farmers Road. There's hardly any vehicle traffic and you can immerse yourself in a perfect pastoral setting.
On the way there are areas to sightsee and enjoy trekking through Shinsen-numa and Ooyu-numa swamps. There are lots of secret places to explore.
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The ever-popular 20,000m
downhill mountain bike tour!