Onsens (Hot Springs)

The Owner, Yasuhiro Nishio, takes guests to a local onsen (open-air hot spring) every evening at 7.30pm in his bus, returning at about 9pm. Below is a list of the onsens that we are fortunate to have in the Niseko area - relaxation and refreshment are never far away!

If this is your first time to go to an Onsen (Hot Spring), you may like to read "What to do at an Onsen". Click here for more information.


Name: Niseko Ikoino-mura
TEL 0136-58-3111
Location: Annupuri hot-spring village, 2 mins by bus

Entrance fee: adults 700 yen, children 500 yen

Men and women bath seperately

Locally, it is called "The Hot Spring of the White Birch, as it is surrounded by the white birch trees of the adjacent park. In the spring, summer and autumn you can relax to the sound of birdsong, whilst in the winter you will be surrounded by a beautiful blanket of snow. Indoors, you will find a large relaxation and bubble bath, whilst the sauna is known as the most comfortable in this neighbourhood.
As this onsen, which is open from 1pm, is so close to Milky House, many guests go there on foot when in need of relaxation. Discount tickets are available from Milky House if you inform us before your arrival. Karaoke facilities, a bar and restaurant are also available for your enjoyment.

Name: kirano-yu
TEL 0136-44-1100
Location: Central Niseko, opposite the railway station. 10 minutes by bus
Entrance fee: adults 700 yen, children 500 yen
Men and women bath seperately
10 mins by bus
This hot spring, owned by the local authorities, was recently refurbished to make it one of the most modern, comfortable and convenient onsens in the area. It has both indoor and outdoor baths, and an excellent sauna. It is also one of very few onsen facilities to have a private bath available. This can be useful if you are a family that wish to bathe together, or if you are not used to nudity in public. Please note that the private onsen costs 1000 yen per person and pre-booking is essential. **private onsen price 1hour / 1,000yen

ame: Niseko annupuri hotel"Yugokoro-tei"
TEL 0136-58-2500
Location: Konbu hot-spring village, 4mins by bus
Entrance fee: adults 700 yen
Men and women bath seperately
The Niseko Annupuri Hotel hot spring is well know for his naturally high temperature and memorable atmosphere. It is surrounded by huge rocks which serve as chairs when you wish to cool down a little. In the winter, it is particularly popular with skiers, as the ice-candles are lit and the local beer is passed around. If you find yourself at Milky House on a particularly cold or windy day, this is the place to come and relax! Discount tickets are available, please ask a member of Milky House Staff.

Name: Niseko Grand Hotel
Location: konbu hot-spring village, 5 mins by bus
Entrance fee: adults 700 yen
Men and women bath seperately and mixed

This huge onsen, known as "The Garden Open-Air Bath", is one of few onsens left in Japan where men and women may bathe together. Although the majority of the terraced pools are segregated, if you take a walk down the walled path, there, at the bottom of the garden you will find a large, secluded mixed pool surrounded by trees. The water in this area is well known for its healing properties (watch out for the famous spring across the road from the hotel!), so don't be surprised if the onsen is busy! A discount ticket is available from Milky House, which will bring the entrance price down to 200 yen.

Name: Koikawa onsen
TEL 0136-58-2111
Location: Kelp hot-spring village, 5 mins by bus
Entrance fee: 500 yen
If you want to bathe in a very traditional "old-style" onsen, then this is definitely the place to come! The atmosphere is certainly retrospective here, with neither shampoo nor shower! The feeling of relaxation that this deep bathtub gives cannot be rivaled. Although the women's bath is a little small, you will find the extremely peaceful setting in a detached building just the ticket to soothe away those's stresses and strains. The wild grasses and spring cherry blossoms add to the rustic atmosphere.

Name: hotel ashiri niseko
TEL 0136-59-2323
Location: Konbu hot-spring village, 6 mins by bus
Entrance fee: adults It will become cheap if I ask of you from milky 1200yen

Men and women bath seperately
Originally known as the Autumnal Leaves Hot Spring, the Hotel Ashiri Niseko has undergone a complete redevelopment to help it become one of the top onsens in the Niseko area. Despite the new look, this superb onsen retains much of the old atmosphere; the indoor bath was constructed from made of sweet-smelling Hinoki wood. You'll also find a sauna and the outdoor Roman style pool in which to relax. Due to the popularity that this unique onsen often enjoys, it is necessary to phone the owner before setting out. Here you will enjoy the traditional Japanese style hotel care.

Name: national popular accommoation Yuki Chichibu
TEL 0136-58-2328
Location: Yumoto hot-spring village, 15 mins by bus 500yen
Entrance fee: adults 700 yen, children 500 yen
Men and women bath seperatelyDescription:
This unique hot spring has a history of 12 years of awards in Japan's Top Hot Spring Resort awards. In addition to awards for quality of water and Best Public Onsen, it has also been ranked 4th out of all of Hokkaido's sulphur springs. A recent refurbishment has resulted in a great view from the open-air baths, of which you will find many. There are also herbal and mud baths, all of which help this hot spring to make your visit to Niseko one that you will never forget!

Name: Niseko Yamano-Ie
Location: Gosiki hot-spring village, 30 mins by bus
Entrance fee: adults 700 yen, children 500 yen
Men and women bath seperately
This onsen was first developed around the time that Niseko was founded by the pioneering generation, and has since been rebuilt three times. The current splendid mountain villa was built 25 years ago. The male and female baths are divided by a fence, and the fantastic volcanically heated water is transparent.

Name: Gosiki onsn
Location: Annupuri hot-spring village, 2 mins by bus
Entrance fee: adults 700 yen, children 500 yen
Men and women bath seperately
Goshiki hot-spring village
This hot spring is well known as one of Niseko's "flagship" onsens, and has appeared on national television and in various magazines on numerous occasions. It is many times with TV or a magazine. It was refurbished in 1998,and another outdoor bath was added in 2000. Conveniently located just 30 minutes by car from Milky House, you will find that it's location - nestled in the middle of a mountain pass - offers you peace and beauty that is beyond compare. Driving up to the onsen you may encounter some of the wild foxes that roam the area, as they emerge from the clouds of sulphur mist that at times wafts through the pass. Care should be taken when driving in the snow, the road can be dangerous due to its winding nature.

Name: Hillton Niseko village
Location: Higashiyama hot-spring village, 5 mins by bus

Entrance fee: adults 1000yen
Men and women bath seperately
Description:At the base of the impressive Higashiyama Prince's Tower this beautiful open-air onsen can be found. Right next to the bath is a pond in which you will find carp passing the days contemplating fishy thoughts. Although the entrance fee is quite high, it does include towel rental. In the Higashiyama Prince Hotel complex you will also find a cafe, restaurant, games centre and boutique.

Name: Yakusi Onsen
Location: yakusit spring village, 7mins by busEntrance fee: adults 700 yen, children 500 yen
Men and women bath seperately By transparent hot water
Muddiness hot water and an open-air bath bathe in mixed company. 300 yen
This remarkable onsen, situated at the bottom of a valley in the middle of nowhere, has a large outdoor mud-bath. It is said that the water here has healing properties, enabling invalids to walk again! The outdoor bath is for men and women, the indoor (clear water) baths are segregated. Out of the mud thousands of bubbles emerge, clinging to your skin. Although the temperature of the bath is not particularly high, you will find that after your bath the heat will linger under your skin making you feel wonderfully warm and refreshed. Although not suitable for those of you who like crystal-clear baths, this onsen provides you with an opportunity to have an unforgettable soak!

Name: The Rankoshi town ownership Yuusen- kaku
TELL 0136-58-2131
Kelp hot-spring village hot-spring village, 10 mins by bus

Entrance fee: adults 500 yen
Men and women bath seperately
This onsen, which has recently been refurbished, can easily be spotted from Route 5 or from the JR line due to the mosque-like building in which it is housed. Situated just behind JR Konbu station, this public onsen has fantastic quality water, which is said to be very good for the skin. In addition to the many bathtubs there is also a fantastic sauna, and elsewhere in the complex a restaurant/cafe and souvenir stand. This onsen is always popular with locals and visitors alike.

Name: Asahi onsenn
Location: Annupuri hot-spring village, From milky[, it is a car and they are 1 hour and a half.Entrance fee: adults 500yenMan-and-woman mixed bathing

Although the owner's hot spring tour does not include this onsen, if you are in search of the unusual then this bath is the one for you! Perhaps Hokkaido's most secretive soaking hole, Asahi Hot Spring dates back to the days when there was no road in the area, and foot soar hikers would rest on their way through the mountainous region. The outdoor onsen is quite a long way from the indoor onsen, and the water sources are not connected. As hikers on the nearby path can easily see into the outdoor pool it is not suitable for shy ladies! Open from Golden Week until October. Due to its secretive location it is vital that you get detailed directions from the owner before departing. Business from GW to the middle of October.

Name: Niimi hot spring
TEL 0136-57-5231
Location: Niimi hot-spring village, milky[ to a car -- 1 hour -- just for a moment
Entrance fee: 500yen
It is man-and-woman mixed bathing in part.
Set deep in the Niseko countryside, Niimi Onsen (which was discovered in 1908) has a reputation for curing all illnesses. One thing which sets this bath apart from others is the medicinal massage fall - literally a thick plume of medicinal water falling from quite a height onto your muscles to act as a natural massage. There is also a steam bath, an ultrasonic bath and an open-air bath. This resort is often referred to as a hot spring paradise. Please ask the owner for directions as this is not included on the daily hot-spring tour.


If you have any more questions about onsens, please email Milky House.